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Technology Overview

Advanced AMR's patented AES-IntelliNet technology is the newest advance in wireless technology

Advanced AMR Technologies (AAT) was developed by using AES-IntelliNet wireless mesh network technology. This 2-way, licensed UHF 450-470 MHz technology is self-configuring and self-adapting providing up to 8 multiple paths for data transfer, communicates data between remote locations and the Central Server.

In a mesh network, every MIU is capable of hopping data to the AAT 8856 wireless concentrator. These radio packets of information is then relayed over the internet to the Central Server. Data always follows the shortest, most reliable route available and has multiple alternative paths to get the data to its destination.

An Advanced AMR wireless mesh network is composed of three basic components. 

  • An Energy Information and Control System (EICS)
  • An AAT 8856 Wireless Concentrator
  • Meter Interface Units (MIU's)

The EICS monitors data sent by the MIU's via the Wireless Concentrators.  The MIU's are connected to energy and utility meters at multiple remote locations.

AAT 8800 Energy Information and Control System (EICS)
The EICS is the central hub of an AAT energy management network.  It is the primary computer platform to which data from the MIU's is received and from which outgoing data is sent. Browser-based energy management software provides sophisticated tools for developing energy management and conservation programs. The EICS is housed at a central location, and provides the following:

  • Displays online load profile data from the AAT 8856 wireless concentrator
  • Acknowledges all data messages from the wireless network
  • Annunciates inbound data, systems faults & warning conditions
  • Outputs system activity to a printer or exports data to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Exports billing data to billing systems (such as Daffron)
  • Displays data reports and sends alarm when preset thresholds are exceeded

AAT 8856 Wireless Concentrator
It converts the data from the wireless format to the digital format, and sends it to the AAT 8800 EICS, which then collects and analyzes the data.

Meter Interface Unit (MIU)

The MIU is the remote device that enables the remote monitoring and control of a monitored device.  Geographically dispersed at remote locations, the MIU is connected to the monitored device. If the MIU is in geographic radio range (typically 4-6 miles but often quite a bit greater), then it communicates directly with the AAT 8856 Wireless Concentrator. If not, the MIU relays its message to another MIU closer to the Wireless Concentrator. This 2nd MIU acts as a store-and-forward message repeater for other MIUs that are beyond direct radio reach of the Wireless Concentrator. Each MIU dynamically evaluates and stores information on all possible routes through which it then sends to the Wireless Concentrator.

These two primary elements utilize common 2 Watt radio components that allow them to send and receive wireless data on a single licensed UHF 450-470 MHz radio frequency. The frequency is private and known only to the operator.

AES-IntelliNet is a registered trademark of AES Corporation, Peabody, MA. (not in any way related or affiliated with NYSE listed AES Corporation of Arlington, Virginia)

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