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Energy Industry Requirements

The energy industries requirements for an Advanced AMR platform include multiple types of information monitoring, management and control. The preferred solution is a single platform that can meet a variety of needs. Advanced AMRs innovative solutions offer a wide range of energy management solutions.


  • Low cost AMR communications without expensive infrastructure
  • High levels of accuracy and reliability of meter data
  • Meter reads on demand, in real time, as frequently as every 15 minutes

Energy Information System (EIS)

  • Presenting energy usage data online that is timely and descriptive
  • Allow energy administrator or customer to set custom threshold alarms on kW, kWh, and etc.
  • If custom threshold energy limits are are exceeded, immediate alarm sent to email or cell phone
  • Enable on-line billing to reduce customer service costs.
  • Gain immediate feedback on impact of energy use changes on utility bills.

Energy Load Control

  • Load control status information on end-point equipment (e.g irrigation pump) available on a real time basis
  • Ability to remotely (dis)connect service in high turnover areas (colleges, etc.)
  • Remotely turn on/off remote equipment such as irrigation pumps, HVAC units, sewer pumps, etc.
  • Shut off meter remotely on delinquent customers for revenue capture

Demand Response

  • Analyze load management data in real time to lower peak demand and energy bills
  • Provide real-time controls to curtail energy consumption.
  • Provide customer choice programs by utilities and energy management companies to give customers a discount in purchasing costs.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Lite

  • Real time transmission of substation power quality and alarm information.
  • Low cost/no cost communications to the sub stations.
  • Relay multiple alarm conditions including power outage, tampering, etc.
  • Track sub-station performance and write outage & notification reports

Measurement & Verification (M & V) :

  • Real time measurement of amperage, AC voltage, run-time, cycle frequency and ambient temperature for end-point equipment to detect pending equipment failure
  • Transmission of substation power quality and alarm information
  • Low cost/no cost communications to the sub stations
  • Relay multiple alarm conditions including power outage, tampering, and etc.
  • More descriptive than the information provided by a traditional data logger

Sub-Metering / Aggregate Demand

  • Individually or collectively monitor energy consumption online for specific apartment units, company departments, or shopping centers
  • More accurately allocate costs to customers for billing purposes
  • Allow resale of energy to aggregators of landlords

Power Marketing

  • Analysis tool to view individual and aggregated load profiles of customers
  • 15 minute interval data to view timing of the member's energy load usage
  • Using this information to buy energy cheaper and sharing savings

Outage Management

  • Immediate alarms when power outage occurs with outage restoral alarms
  • Real-time outage reports with real-time alarm notification via email and/or cell phone
  • Improve customer service and maintenance
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